Welcome to Spotsylvania Crime Solvers

What is Crime Solvers? The Spotsylvania County Crime Solvers, Inc. is a community program geared toward public involvement in the fight against crime. Each week, unsolved crimes are selected as the crimes of the week. The facts are printed in the local newspaper. Spotsylvania Crime Solvers offers cash rewards up to $1,000.00, and anonymity to people who provide information that result in the arrest or resolution of an unsolved crime, recovery of stolen property, or seizure of illegal drugs.

Most of the information received by Crime Solvers is via the telephone Tip Line. The easy to remember phone numbers are 800-928-5822 or 540-582-5822. The Crime Solvers’ telephone does not have Caller ID so the caller’s phone number can not be identified. Virginia law also protects Crime Solvers’ telephone records from being requested with a subpeona.  When a call is received by Crime Solvers, a fact sheet is filled out. The date, time and a brief summary of the caller’s information is included. The call taker also assigns the caller a Crime Solvers number. This number is used in subsequent calls to the Crime Solvers Tip Line to provide additional information, and to determine if and when any reward is to be paid to the caller. The caller is asked to call back after the Crime Solver Board of Directors reviews the case for a possible reward. If the caller voluntarily gives their name and phone number, that information is also logged, but it is kept strictly confidential. (All callers may remain anonymous, and anonymous callers can still collect their reward.) If a caller’s information results in the arrest or resolution of an unsolved case, the caller is given arrangements to receive his or her reward in CASH while preserving his or her anonymity. Confidentiality has played a key role in the success of Crime Solvers, and anonymous callers are not required to testify in court.

Phone a Tip to: 540-582-5822 or 800-928-5822 OR



Rewards up to $1,000