Does it Work?

Does Crime Solvers Work?

YES, Crime Solvers is working and without spending any tax payer dollars. Spotsylvania County Crime Solvers, Inc. was established in Spotsylvania County in 1985. It has provided invaluable assistance in the fight against crime over the years.

How Crime Stoppers/Solvers was started.

The concept of paying for information about crimes was the brainchild of former Albuquerque, NM police detective Greg MacAleese. In 1974 Albuquerque had the highest crime rate per capita of any city in the country. Detective MacAleese came up with an idea on how to keep callers anonymous while being rewarded for coming forward by using the television media to show a tape of a reconstructed robbery and murder at a remote convenience store. A woman saw the tape on television and called to report a single piece of information. That tip lead to the arrest of the suspect who was later convicted. The Albuquerque Police Department began to show crime regularly. Other jurisdictions picked up on the idea, the first being Arlington Crime Solvers in Virginia in 1979. Out of this action, several nationwide coordinating organizations were formed at various times to support their effort. These organizations were Crime Stoppers International, Inc., Crime Stoppers USA, Inc., Southeastern Crime Stoppers Association, Inc., Virginia Crime Stoppers Association, Inc. and the hundreds of local programs across the United States.

Crime Solvers and Neighborhood Watch: A Team That Works!

Spotsylvania County Crime Solvers and Neighborhood Watch Groups are working together to deter and solve crime in our county. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Spotsylvania County Crime Solvers Board, please call Jim Pearman at 540 760-5511.

If you see a crime or have information about a crime, please call the Crime Solvers Tip Line at:

1-800-928-5822 or 540-582-5822;  or

                    The new P3 App, a digital platform of the Sheriff’s office                            Crime Solvers program. It is available as a free download at:

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visit our website at: